Woodenworks is a small, family owned partnership, run by the latest of a generation
of woodworking craftsmen, producing bespoke furniture for any occasion and creating
new dimensions in room conversion.   
Brothers Adam and Mark Bedford promise an attention to detail, level of skill and pure
artistry born out of an extensive apprentice trained approach to their craft - desperately
sought after nowadays, but rarely found.

our products.

The furniture produced has a more contemporary feel, hopefully striking a happy medium 
so that any piece will sit comfortably in either modern or traditional surroundings.

how we function.

Ask any craftsman, in whatever field and they will agree that to achieve a perfect result 
no corners can be cut. Any job, no matter how large or small is firstly thoroughly 
discussed with those commissioning it. Every aspect is taken into account, from 
choice of materials to the ultimate nature of usage. 
Once these aspects are established, then designs can be created, agreed and the 
productions process begun. The involvement of customers in the evolution and end 
designs of the pieces being created is especially welcomed.
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